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    Thorn: the whitewashed town in Limburg

    Visit Thorn in Limburg | Your Dutch Guide

    The town of Thorn, in Dutch southern province Limburg, is pretty famous. Well, in The Netherland it is. As the historical centre of Thorn consists of whitewashed houses and buildings only, which is quite unique in The Netherlands. So even though it is small, the town attracts thousands of visitors every year. And I figured out for myself why this is the case.

    If I tell you Thorn was once a tiny kingdom, you wouldn’t believe me. To be fair, I wouldn’t have believed it. I mean, the town only counts 2300 inhabitants. So, what’s the deal with Thorn? During a short trip to the Dutch province Limburg, my husband and I spotted the towns name on an exit and decided to take a little detour and figure out what the deal is with this famous whitewashed village.

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