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Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Stay at Roompot Boomhiemke on Ameland, The Netherlands

Sleeping with the Dutch: Boomhiemke, Ameland

Whenever I visit the Wadden Island, or the Frysian islands are they’re sometimes called, I always feel like being abroad from The Netherlands. The islands are so secluded and quiet, the architecture is like nowhere else in The Netherlands…

Beach houses in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

The best beach houses in The Netherlands

Imagine spending a wonderful day at the beach. And not having to leave. Watch the sunset whilst sipping a cool drink. Fall asleep listening to the sound of the rolling waves. And as soon as you wake up, simply…

Amsterdam air bnb - Best Airbnb Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide
Accommodation Amsterdam

10 Best airbnb in Amsterdam

Searching for somewhere lovely to stay in Amsterdam? That can be quite daunting. There are so many hotels in and around the city centre of Amsterdam. And then there’s Airbnb of course. A great option if you’re looking for…