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Winter in Amsterdam, what to do in Amsterdam in winter |
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Winter in Amsterdam: 14 must do’s

Amsterdam doesn’t get closer to her Golden Age glorie than she does in winter. When snow (hopefully) falls, canals freeze, life slows down and wandering along Waterlooplein you can just imagine bumping into a warmly wrapped up Rembrandt on…

Contemporary art Amsterdam, street art Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide
Amsterdam Art

The best contemporary art in Amsterdam

For one day only, don’t think of Amsterdam in terms of Golden Age, historical canals and Rembrandt’s old stomping ground. For just one day during your visit think about contemporary art in Amsterdam. Discover all about Dutch Design, modern…

Light festival GLOW Eindhoven | Your Dutch Guide
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Light festival GLOW in Eindhoven

Discovering a city after dark adds something special to a city break. Don’t you think? Especially when buildings are beautifully illuminated or decorated, it’s worth taking an evening walk through a city. Over the last couple of years, light…

Loving Vincent: Meet Vincent van Gogh in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide
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Meet Vincent van Gogh in The Netherlands

The brilliantly animated movie Loving Vincent premiers this week. Most of the movie is set in France, where Van Gogh spent the last years of his life, painting stunning works like The Starry Night and Cypresses, and met his…

Top things to do in Den Bosch, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide
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10 things to do in Den Bosch

Visitors to The Netherlands probably would never even think to visit Den Bosch. And that’s a shame. Because I can’t think of a single reason why Den Bosch shouldn’t be on your list to visit. Den Bosch is only 1…

24 hours in The Hague, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide
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24 hours in The Hague

The Hague is not only the seat of the Dutch government, the city also holds an important position internationally, as it’s the base for embassies, the UN’s International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. But The Hague is…