The best beach houses in The Netherlands

Beach houses in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

Imagine spending a wonderful day at the beach. And not having to leave. Watch the sunset whilst sipping a cool drink. Fall asleep listening to the sound of the rolling waves. And as soon as you wake up, simply slip into your swimming gear, run towards the sea for that refreshing morning dip. That sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Spend a few nights in one of these beach houses in Holland and that beach dream just may come true.

When I wrote about the most beautiful beaches in The Netherlands, many of you were surprised that Holland can be a beach holiday destination. The last few years, the weather has been really lovely from May to September, which puts our country on a list of top summer destinations in Europe. And honestly, there is something to say about the Dutch coast. Our dunes are amongst the most beautiful and interesting national parks in Western Europe and the Dutch beaches are big and wide. And a cool beach bar is never far away. If you feel like spending a few days on the Dutch coast, why not stay at an A-location? Right at the beach.

When I was growing up beach houses were just there for daily use. You’d rent one for the season, and you’d store all your beach kit there. But the huts would have no electricity nor running water or toilet facilities. So, my heart skipped a beat or two when I saw overnight beach houses popping up along the Dutch coast over the last few years. Staying right at the beach, in comfy beds, with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms to shower off all the surplus sand. I must say, I am completely blown away by these beach house in Holland and can’t wait to stay in one of these, as soon as I can get my mitts on one.

Beaches in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

Beaches in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

How to get to the beach in Holland

  • First of all, fly into either Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  • Although it is possible to reach some beaches in Holland by public transport, I would advise you to either drive to Holland or rent a car once you get here. Many beach resorts are not very well connected to public transport.
  • You could probably guess, but beach houses in Holland fill up pretty quickly and there aren’t many last-minute vacancies. So if you have your mindset on staying in a beach house in Holland? Book one as soon as you can.
  • Read my page Plan your trip for more advice.

Beach houses in Holland

Beach houses Julianadorp

Beach houses Holland: Julianadorp | Your Dutch Guide

Beach houses Holland: Julianadorp | Your Dutch Guide

Julianadorp is located in the northern part of the province of North-Holland, a part of the country with the most beautiful beaches. White sand, lots of great beach clubs, but also great tranquillity. And now there’s the possibility of staying right at the beach in the brand new beach houses in Julianadorp.

There are beach houses available for 4 to 6 people, all located on the beach. The kitchen is fully equipped, but there are quite a few restaurants and bars nearby if you don’t feel like cooking or getting a lot of groceries. I am one of those people that doesn’t mind a cloudy or even a rainy day at the beach, as I am a huge fan of dramatic skies. But if you are travelling with kids or getting a little restless yourself, the beach resort also has an indoor swimming pool. So every day swimming is an absolute possibility.

What to do nearby?

  • Visit the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen, a fantastic open-air museum giving you a glimpse into a Dutch fishing village in the 19th century.
  • Since Julianadorp is so close to Den Helder, it’s easy enough to drive to the ferry, hop on and visit the gorgeous island of Texel for a day.

Strandhotel Zoomers: Castricum

Beach house The Netherlands, Strandhotel Zoomers Castricum | Your Dutch Guide

Beach house The Netherlands, Strandhotel Zoomers Castricum | Your Dutch Guide

Castricum has to have one of the nicest beaches in The Netherlands. Its wide sandy beach is perfect to relax on and there’s always a beach club nearby to relax and have a lovely lunch. I couldn’t think of anything more lovely than to wake up right at that beach and I am just so delighted that this is possible at Strandhotel Zoomers. The hotel has lovely rooms overlooking either the dunes or the beach, and have this really laid back style. A mix between boho-chic and industrial-cool. And because of the family rooms, suites and apartments, Strandhotel Zoomers is also perfect for families that would like to spend some days right at the beach. Breakfast is served in bed and really good. And after a day of fun on the seaside, simply book a table at the adjacent restaurant and watch the sun go down.

Roompot Boomhiemke: Ameland

Roompot Boomhiemke: Ameland, The Netherlands

Roompot Boomhiemke: Ameland, The Netherlands

If you’re looking for an excuse to visit the gorgeous Wadden Island of Ameland, Roompot Boomhiemke may just be it. The chalets and holiday houses of Roompot Boomhiemke are scattered amongst the dunes, which is just the most amazing setting. The park is within walking distance of the beach and the island’s lighthouse, which has to be one of Ameland’s most beautiful spots. The holiday park also offers entertainment for rainy and chilly days with an indoor swimming pool and indoor sports facility. Though even if the sun isn’t out, a brisk walk on the Ameland beach may just be what you need. Read my honest review about Roompot Boomhiemke.

What to do on Ameland?

  • Climb the Ameland lighthouse for a fantastic view over the Dutch UNESCO-listed Wadden sea.
  • Go seal spotting! Take a ride on a ‘robben boot‘, so you can enjoy the sight of seals sunning themselves on sandbanks on low tide.

Beach villas Hoek van Holland

Beach villas Hoek van Holland | Your Dutch Guide

Beach villas Hoek van Holland | Your Dutch Guide

Enjoying the beach in style. The beach villas in Hoek van Holland have been recently opened and have lovely terraces overlooking the sea. Hoek van Holland is one of the most popular beaches in The Netherlands and actually a quite good location if you’d also like to take a few typical Dutch day trips. And since the beach is close to the famous Rotterdam Harbour you’ll always be able to spot some impressive vessels from the beach.

What to do near Hoek van Holland?

  • Visit the bustling and eclectic city of Rotterdam.
  • The Hague, also home to a lovely beach, is not too far from Hoek van Holland either. It’s a great excuse to meet Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring or see some art by Escher.
  • An ultimate Dutch day out? Head to Delft and see the streets, bridges, canals and alleyways that inspired Vermeer to make his famous paintings.

Beach houses Den Haag

Beach houses Den Haag

Den Haag (The Hague) is the perfect destination for a combination of city and beach. The Hague Beach (Scheveningen) is just a short (bike)ride from the city center and there is lots of entertainment along the beach, like the city pier, museums, an aquarium, playgrounds and many great beach clubs and restaurants. Beach house Den Haag are purched on the Kijkduin beach, a short distance from the city. The detached beach houses sleep four to five persons, have the ultimate beach vibe and come with fully equipped kitchens, living room, tv and beach furniture to use outside. The beach houses are close to Vakantiepark Kijkduin and you can use all the facilities in this holiday park, like the swimming pool.

Aan zee slapen

Beach houses in The Netherlands: Wijk aan Zee | Your Dutch Guide

Beach houses in The Netherlands: Wijk aan Zee | Your Dutch Guide

If you’re looking for beach houses in Holland, Aan Zee Slapen will soon pop up. The name means ‘Sleeping at sea’ and that’s exactly what you’ll do. The beach houses are perfect for a couples retreat or a few days at the beach with your kids. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are very comfortable. It’s possible to rent bikes to discover the beautiful adjacent dunes.

What to do near Wijk aan Zee?

  • Wijk aan Zee is actually not that far from Haarlem. One of my favourite cities in The Netherlands, which I jokingly call more Dutch than Amsterdam. And a lot less touristy, and that’s no joke.
  • The beach houses aren’t too far from Amsterdam either. So rather than staying in the crowded city, stay at the tranquil beach and take a day trip to Amsterdam.

Thalassa Beach Houses

Beach houses The Netherlands, Thalassa Beach Houses Zandvoort

Beach houses The Netherlands, Thalassa Beach Houses Zandvoort

The Thalassa Beach Houses are set up on the beautiful beach in Zandvoort, which is nicknamed ‘Amsterdam beach‘ because it’s so close to Amsterdam. So if you’d like to combine your city break with a day or so on the beach, Thalassa Beach Houses are a top choice. Perched right on the beach, the beach houses have a fully equipped kitched, two bedrooms with very comfy beds and a deck to enjoy your sea views. All the perks of Zandvoort are within reach, there’s even a great restaurant nextdoor.

Strand 21 hotel chalets, Zandvoort

Strand 21 hotel chalets, Zandvoort (photo by Strand 21) | Your Dutch Guide

Zandvoort Strand 21 hotel chalets | Your Dutch Guide

Zandvoort is one of the most popular beaches in The Netherlands. It’s the only beach that can be reached directly by train from Amsterdam. If you’d like to stay a few days at the beach and visit Amsterdam at the same time, a night on the beach sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Strand 21 hotel chalets Zandvoort offer lovely beach houses in The Netherlands, right on the beach, but with hotel service. Think boxspring beds, comfy beds for the kids, a small kitchenette, a lovely bathroom and even a little workspace.

Buddha Beach Bungalows, Zandvoort

Buddha Beach Bungalows Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Buddha Beach Bungalows Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Would you like to combine your city break in Amsterdam with a luxurious stay right on the beach? Hop on a train to Zandvoort aan Zee, the beach closest to Amsterdam, and stay in one of the luxurious Buddha Beach Bungalows. They’re equipped with everything you could possibly need, even air conditioning. The lovely living room and terrace overlook the sea and everything you need to relax by the sea is at your disposal. Grab a cool drink from your fridge, make yourself a lovely lunch or walk to one of the hip beach clubs for dinner. You’ll love it.

Roompot Zandvoort

Beach houses The Netherlands, Roompot Zandvoort

Beach houses The Netherlands, Roompot Zandvoort

Scattered across the Sanddunes of Zandvoort you’ll find Roompot Zandvoort, from your beach house you will step into the sand and find yourself within the beautiful dunes of Zandvoort, a short walk from the beach. This small holiday park has ultimate beach vibes with all the stylish beach clubs of Zandvoort just a stone’s throw away. The holiday park lets bikes, has a playground and an activity programm for children. The perfect break in a beach house in The Netherlands with the whoel family.


Beach house in The Netherlands, Suite-Suite Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Beach house in The Netherlands, Suite-Suite Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Okay, strictly speaking… this is not a beach house. But since it’s such a beauty and it’s within walking distance of the beach, I simply couldn’t help but share Suite-Suite in Zandvoort with you all. This apartment is beautifully decorated, has a stylish and luxurious bathroom and a kitchenette. A lovely romantic spot. The apartment has its own entry and a patio and little terrace. So, on warm summer nights, you’ll be able to sit out with a cool drink and enjoy.

What to do in Zandvoort?

  • Enjoy Zandvoort beach, the most famous beach in The Netherlands, and its long promenade.
  • Hop on a train to discover the beautiful city of Haarlem, I secretly prefer Haarlem over Amsterdam as I think this city is the ultimate Dutch city.

Roompot Bloemendaal aan Zee

Beach houses Holland, Roompot Bloemendaal aan Zee




Bloemendaal aan Zee is just a stone’s throw away from Zandvoort and a popular beach destination for people living in Amsterdam. Bloemendaal aan zee has a lovely beach, amazing beach clubs, yet by bus or car you’ll be in Amsterdam in no time. Roompot Bloemendaal aan Zee offers extremely comfortable beach houses, scattered in the dunes just a short walk from the beach and see. You’ll wake up every morning breathing in that fresh sea air. There is a hip, small restaurant on site, but you’ll be able to walk to other restaurants and beach bars as well.

Beach resort Nieuwvliet-Bad

Roompot Nieuwvliet-Bad, Beach houses in Holland | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Nieuwvliet-Bad, Beach houses in Holland | Your Dutch Guide

Nieuwvliet-Bad is the new kid on the block of beach houses in Holland. The beach houses of Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad have only just been finished and I simply can’t wait to take my little one there, maybe next spring or summer. Nieuwvliet-Bad is situated in the province of Zeeland, the most south-western province. A province of sea, sand and amazing cuisine. Growing up, my uncle and auntie would spend their summer holidays in Nieuwvliet and I have loads of fond memories of visiting them and scouring the beach for shells, mussels and shrimp.

This would be even better from one of these beach huts, which are brand new and very comfortably decorated. The beach resort has several restaurants, several swimming pools, a laundromat, supermarket and lots of fun stuff for kids. Read more about Beach Resort Nieuwvliet-Bad.

What to do near Nieuwvliet-Bad?

  • Head over to Middelburg, a lesser-known Dutch city that is just so beautiful.
  • Visit Neeltje Jans, or the Duch Delta Works. The height on Dutch engineering, as the Delta Works are successfully used to keep the entire (!) province from flooding. Visiting Neeltje Jans and seeing men battle the force of nature is very, very impressive.

Eco Resort Grevelingenmeer

Beach house The Netherlands | Eco Resort Grevelingenmeer

Beach house The Netherlands | Eco Resort Grevelingenmeer

Beach house The Netherlands | Eco Resort Grevelingenmeer

So, how about Eco Resort Grevelingenmeer. Doesn’t it look just amazing? Spoiler: it is. These beach houses are actually tiny houses and they’re tucked away in a beautiful natural reserve, called De Kabbelaarsbank. It’s about 12 km away from Ouddorp, a popular seaside resort. This cottage is all about peace, quiet and relaxation. You can swim in the small inland lake (tip: bring a snorkel!), enjoy nature and relax in your tiny house. It comes fully equipped with a proper kitchen and even a green egg bbq for you to enjoy. The cottage is completely built and furnished in eco-friendly material and is 100% self-sufficient. What a gem!

Noordzee Resort Vlissingen

Beach houses The Netherlands, Noordzee Resort Vlissingen



Beach houses The Netherlands, Noordzee Resort Vlissingen

You simply can’t beat a holiday in Zeeland, one of The Netherlands most enjoyable coastal provinces. When you stay at Noordzee Resort Vlissingen you’ll have the best of both worlds. The beach houses are fully equipped, and are perched right on the beach. Every evening you’ll fall asleep listening to the sound of the rolling waves. Yes, the bustling town center of Vlissingen, with all it’s lovely restaurants, is only a short walk away. And from Vlissingen it’s easy enough to explore the rest of the Zeeland province or plan a day trip to Antwerp and Bruges.

Beachrooms Pier 7

Beachrooms Pier 7 Vlissingen, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

Beachrooms Pier 7 Vlissingen, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

If you don’t have the time or the budget to rent a beach house in The Netherland, but you’d love to spend a night or so right by the seaside, Beachrooms Pier 7 in Vlissingen is just the answer. You can book the apartments by the sea per night, so you can arrive when you like and stay as short or as long as you please. There are two studios and two larger apartments, the latter being perfect for families with kids. There are comfy double beds, fully equipped kitchens and patios on the beach overlooking the sea. Vlissingen is one of Zeeland’s largest cities and has a lot to offer, too.

Waterrijk Oesterdam, Tholen

Waterrijk Oesterdam, Tholen | Beach houses The Netherlands, Tiny Houses The Netherlands

Waterrijk Oesterdam, Tholen | Beach houses The Netherlands, Tiny Houses The Netherlands

When I think of a proper beach resort in The Netherlands, Waterrijk Oesterdam in Tholen immediately springs to mind. I grew up not too far from Tholen and it’s a wonderful place to spend a couple of days during your vacation in The Netherlands. Waterrijk Oesterdam is a new beach resort on the shores of lake Zoommeer combining fun aquatics and lazy beach afternoons. Waterrijk Oesterdam offers a variety of beach houses, from fun and hip tiny houses for two to four people to luxury villas for entire families. If you’re thinking about just staying a night or a weekend, there are also hotels rooms available, both suites and family rooms. But it doesn’t matter what type of accommodation you chose at Waterrijk Oesterdam, as all beach houses and hotel rooms are so stylishly decorated, it all oozes luxury. And that same feel continues in the beach club and restaurant where tasting oysters, mussels and lobster is the thing to do. It’s just lovely to sip a drink from your own cabana overlooking the water while the sun sets. If you feel like doing something more active, simply rent a boat, paddle boat, standup paddleboard or kite to entertain yourself for an afternoon or an entire day.

What to do in Tholen, The Netherlands

  • Tholes is situated where the provinces of Brabant and Zeeland meet, offering you the perfect opportunity to enjoy both a beach holiday and see some sights in other parts of The Netherlands.
  • In the province of Brabant, I think day trips to Den Bosch, Van Gogh village Nuenen and Efteling are absolutely worth it.
  • But it’s just as easy to discover the province of Zeeland from Waterrijk Oesterdam. Check out the beaches of Zoutelande, Westkapelle or Vrouwenpolder, discover picture-perfect villages like Veere or Zierikzee or spend a day in Middelburg.

Strandbungalows Vrouwenpolder

Beach house The Netherlansds, Strandbungalows Vrouwenpolder | Your Dutch Guide

Beach house The Netherlansds, Strandbungalows Vrouwenpolder | Your Dutch Guide

Now, Vrouwenpolder in the Dutch province of Zeeland brings back a lot of memories. Because this is the beach where we used to go when I was a little girl. It was only an hours drive from where I grew up, and the Vrouwenpolder beach is where I spent many summer weekends. The wide beach is tucked away behind a lovely dune landscape and these days you can even spend the night at Strandbungalows Vrouwenpolder. There are only a handful of bungalows on the beach and after all the daytrippers have left, you’ll have the beautiful beach all to yourself. The chalets are rather comfortably decorated. There is a fully equipped kitchen that even has a dishwasher. If you decide to stay here in the cooler (and cheaper) low season, you can even use the heating in the chalet. The terraces of the bungalows all overlook the sea.

Landal Sluftervallei

Landal Sluftervallei Texel | Your Dutch Guide

Landal Sluftervallei Texel | Your Dutch Guide

I can’t hide being a huge fan of Texel, one of the pretty Wadden island north of The Netherlands. Even though I’ve lived in The Netherlands all my life, I didn’t get to see Texel until last year and absolutely fell for the island. And this has a lot to do with where we stayed, Landal Sluftervallei. Admittedly, the cottages are not located on the beach but scattered around the dunes in an amazing natural setting. And the beach is only a short stroll away. So, who could complain! Read my complete and honest review in my article about Landal Sluftervalley, Texel.

What to do on Texel, The Netherlands?

Would you like to spend a night in a beach house in Holland?

Beach houses The Netherlands
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The most beautiful beach houses in Holland | Your Dutch Guide

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