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  • Amsterdam street art, the best street art in Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

    Amsterdam street art: If walls could speak

    Whenever I visit Amsterdam, I try to combine seeing major sights and lesser-known attractions. And I strongly advise you to do the same. Not only will you be able to escape…

  • Van Gogh Museum: a highlight in Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

    Highlight in Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

    The highlight to your trip to Amsterdam is a visit to the Van Gogh Museum. You will undoubtedly be moved by the experience. Walking by the famous works and see the…

  • Winter in Amsterdam, what to do in Amsterdam in winter |
    Art Culture Food

    Winter in Amsterdam: 14 must do’s

    Amsterdam doesn’t get closer to her Golden Age glorie than she does in winter. When snow (hopefully) falls, canals freeze, life slows down and wandering along Waterlooplein you can just imagine…

  • Contemporary art Amsterdam, street art Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

    The best contemporary art in Amsterdam

    For one day only, don’t think of Amsterdam in terms of Golden Age, historical canals and Rembrandt’s old stomping ground. For just one day during your visit think about contemporary art…