Top cities to visit in The Netherlands

Cities in The Netherlands: top cities to visit | Your Dutch Guide

Top 15 cities in The Netherlands

Which cities are worth visiting in The Netherlands? Now, let me see. Are you into historic canals, ancient courtyards, works by world-famous masters, the seaside, cutting edge architecture, street art and amazing gastronomy? Yes? Good, because there are plenty of cities in The Netherlands worth visiting. Please, look beyond Amsterdam. Most cities in The Netherlands are easy to reach by train or car, most are just a short ride from Amsterdam. You won’t be disappointed..

Cities in The Netherlands: plan your visit

Cities in The Netherlands: top cities to visit | Your Dutch Guide

Top 15 cities in The Netherlands


Amersfoort, The Netherlands

The magnificent Koppelpoort is probably the most beautiful old city gate in The Netherlands, and without a doubt the most photographed icon of Amersfoort. Its location is also pretty special, perched between the train station, the historical city centre and the cutting edge gentrified industrial area of Amersfoort, De Nieuwe Stad. Amersfoort has it all: cobbled historical streets, excellent museum (make sure to visit the birthplace of Piet Mondriaan), quaint canals, a beautiful old town and a lively café scene.

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Cities in The Netherlands: Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

A visit to Amsterdam is on everybody’s list. Even if you’ve been to The Netherlands a couple of times, the city never seems to lose it’s charm. The historical canals, amazing museums, Golden Age buildings,  vibrant atmosphere, quirky street art, fun neighbourhoods and attractive hidden gems (for those that look hard enough) don’t disappoint.

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Cities in The Netherlands: Delft

Delft is easily reached from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague and therefore is absolutely one of the top cities in The Netherlands to visit. Delft was once the home of famous Dutch master Johannes Vermeer and he made the skies over Delft world-famous forever. But there is more: the city plays a pivotal role in Dutch history and William of Nassau and all the Dutch royals have been buried in Delft. Enjoy Delft by bike, water or foot and explore the ancient cobbled streets, taking in the gorgeous historical buildings and squares.

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Den Bosch

Top cities in The Netherlands: Den Bosch | Your Dutch Guide

Den Bosch is the capital of southern Dutch province Brabant and worth the title. It’s one of my favourite cities in The Netherlands. It was the posting of dukes and bishops but is most famous as it was once the home of painter Jheronimus (Jeroen) Bosch who used the city as inspiration for the hellish scenes in his works. To this day parts from Bosch’s painting can be recognised in the city, though Den Bosch is also known for some excellent museums, an outstanding café and dining scene and unique tunnel canals.

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Top things to do in Deventer, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

I absolutely adore Deventer and I really think you should go and visit this colourful, vibrant and romantic small city in the east of The Netherlands. Deventer is one of the beautiful Dutch Hansa Towns and the old city centre seems to have walked straight out of a fairytale book. Take a ferry across the IJssel river for a perfect view over the Deventer skyline as well as a visit to the sprawling gentrified area and go to Piknik and Fooddock.

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Gouda, The Netherlands

When you hear Gouda, cheese immediately springs to mind. And that’s because it originates from the Dutch city of Gouda. In summer you will have the opportunity to visit the traditional cheese market, though the historical cheese weighing house and brand new Cheese Experience are open year-round. But don’t linger on the cheese, please. Because Gouda main church has amazing stained glass panels and the city has cute canals, cobbled streets and beautiful courtyards.

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Cities in The Netherlands: Groningen | Your Dutch Guide

Groningen has to be the most interesting city in the north of The Netherlands. Personally, I think it’s due to the historical university still being one of The Netherands’ most popular places to study, luring tons of new students to Groningen every year. This has lead to a relaxed atmosphere and super cool café scene. Groningen is also home to some great museums and cutting edge architecture. The city also serves as a perfect basecamp to discover the other sights in the north of The Netherlands

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Cities in The Netherlands: Haarlem | Your Dutch Guide

Haarlem has to be one of the most beautiful city in The Netherlands. To me, I feel this is the ultimate Dutch city. Haarlem has everything you would expect from a Dutch city. Gabled golden-aged buildings and streets, museums filled with work by top Dutch masters, a thriving café and restaurant scene and the opportunity to explore the city from the water. Haarlem is really close to Amsterdam, but feels a lot more unique due to very little crowds. If accommodation turns out to be too expensive for you in Amsterdam, Haarlem is the perfect aletrantive.

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Cities in The Netherlands: Leeuwarden | Your Dutch Guide

Leeuwarden, capital of the province of Friesland and European cultural capital of 2018, is an unexpected pleasure to visit. The flanks of the canals are flanked by cosy cafés and are a joy to cycle along, but also discover the city’s museums and cultural scene and go hunting for street art. 

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Cities in The Netherland: Maastricht | Your Dutch Guide

I always like to call Maastricht the most foreign city in The Netherlands. With a Roman history, Burgundian influences dating back to the French occupation and a free and fun atmosphere. Maastricht is where you go to feel like your properly on holiday, with sophisticated shopping and dining, stunning boutique hotels and excellent cultural options. Yes, Maastricht definitely has joie de vivre.

Visit Maastricht, The Netherlands


Cities in The Netherlands: Middelburg | Your Dutch Guide Even though Middelburg, capital of the province of Zeeland, isn’t all that big, its historical heart is filled to the brim with historical monuments. The late gothic town hall is one of the most beautiful and impressive one in its kind in The Netherlands and the church tower known as Lange Jan offers amazing views over the city and region. The city also has an excellent gastronomical scene, so don’t forget to stay the night and make a reservation at one of the amazing restaurants in town.
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Cities in The Netherlands: Rotterdam (photo: Iris van den Broek)

Rotterdam is The Netherland’s contemporary answer to more classic cities, like Amsterdam, delft or The Hague. The heart of the city was completely destroyed by bombers in the second world war, but rose like a Phoenix from the ashes with the most amazing cotenporary architecture and cutting edge museums. A city break in Rotterdam will keep you entertained, full stop.

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The Hague

The Hague, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

The Hague, Den Haag in Dutch, is not only home to the government of The Netherlands, but also of Vermeer’s heart-moving The Girl with the Pearl Earing. Visit one of the many top museums in The Hague, find some cutting edge street art or take the tram to spend an afternoon at Scheveningen, The Hague Beach.

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Utrecht, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

Utrecht is considered the cheaper, quieter and cosier alternative to Amsterdam, with a adorable historical city centre, canals, parks, great museums, lively cafés and one of the prettiest church towers in The Netherlands. And Holland’s largest fairytale castle De Haar is just a stone’s throw away.

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Cities in The Netherlands: Zwolle (photo: MarketingOost)

If you’d like to get to know the Hanseatic cities in The Netherlands, Zwolle is a lovely introduction. The city has an iconic city centre, but with a modern dynamic and top gastronomical scene. Take the opportunity to have dinner in a three Michel star restaurant or buy some books in an amazingly renovated church. Zwolle will surprise you. 

Top cities in The Netherlands
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Cities in The Netherlands: 15x Top Cities in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide
Cities in The Netherlands: 15x Top Cities in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide