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4 typically Dutch villages near Amsterdam you must visit | Your Dutch Guide
Amsterdam Culture Day trips

4 villages near Amsterdam you must visit

Countless windmills, historic churches and fisherman’s cottages. The good ol’ fashioned Dutch villages near Amsterdam seem to have stood still in time. Some parts of them still look the same as they did 100 years ago and they’re of…

Gouda in winter | Gouda, The Netherlands
Day trips

Gouda in winter: 6 top experiences

Many visitors come to Gouda, The Netherlands, drawn by the famous cheese that originates from this picturesque Golden Age Dutch city. Unfortunately, the traditional cheese market is only held in the summer months. Luckily, winter in Gouda is just…

One day in Maastricht, The Netherlands. A 24 hour guide | Your Dutch Guide
Day trips

One day in Maastricht, a 24 hour guide

Maastricht is one of the loveliest cities in The Netherlands, and we Dutch love it as a destination for a day trip or a weekend away. If you’ve never been to Maastricht, but feel like visiting the city during…