Sleeping with the Dutch: Boomhiemke, Ameland

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Stay at Roompot Boomhiemke on Ameland, The Netherlands

Whenever I visit the Wadden Island, or the Frysian islands are they’re sometimes called, I always feel like being abroad from The Netherlands. The islands are so secluded and quiet, the architecture is like nowhere else in The Netherlands and you’re so far away from ‘the real world’ that a few days on the islands are a real retreat. Ameland is one of these pretty islands. We stayed at Holiday park Boomhiemke and in this article I will let you know why this is an excellent place to stay during your Wadden Island retreat.

When you get off the ferry in Ameland, you immediately feel that you’re somewhere extraordinary. From the ferry, you’ll see kite surfers controlling the waves from a nearby beach. And that’s pretty much all you will see. Because Ameland is quiet and deserted, except for a couple of pretty and quaint villages. The nature on the island is breathtaking, especially the dune landscapes. And that’s exactly where you will be staying in Holiday park Boomhiemke, as most cottages of this holiday park are nestled amongst the dunes. Being secluded never felt so good.

Holiday park Boomhiemke, the location

Roompot Boomhiemke is situated on the most southern tip of Ameland, near the beach and overlooked by the island’s lighthouse. To say that it’s picturesque would be an understatement as we thought that the location of this holiday park was absolutely stunning. The holiday cottages are set amongst the dunes. From the park, you stroll into the dunes and the beach is only a short bike ride away. Conveniently, Holiday park Boomhiemke is a few minutes walk away from Hollum, one of Ameland’s lovely villages. This historical village is filled with authentic 17th and 18th-century houses, as well as some fine galleries and shops and some good restaurants. Hollum also has a large supermarket, bakeries, a fishmonger, bike and nautical shops.

Ameland, The Netherlands | Things to do on Ameland island: Het Oerd | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Ameland, Hollum | Top things to do on Ameland island: Hollum | Your Dutch Guide

The cottages of Holiday park Boomhiemke

Most of the cottages of Holiday park Boomhiemke are lodges and chalets set amongst the dune landscape. They’re available for 2 to 8 people. If you’re travelling with a group you can also choose villas for eight people or more. All accommodation on the holiday park is built in Scandinavian style with lots of greyed blue tones, that perfectly blend in with the environment and landscape. All accommodation is freshly decorated, also in Scandinavian style with modern en fresh furniture in greys and blues. The beds are excellent boxspring beds. All cottages, lodges and villas have fully equipped kitchens, comfortable bathrooms and nice living rooms with smart tv’s. I loved that we had our own little deck outside to enjoy the sun and there was a little shed to park and charge our electric rental bikes. We were also rather impressed by the excellent WiFi in the cottage, as every accommodation has its own router.

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Facilities at the park

Holiday park Boomhiemke on Ameland is perfect to visit for both families as nature lovers. As we were travelling with our little boy, I was of course very focused on all there was to do for kids. And that was quite a lot. Of course, we immensely enjoyed our time and the indoor pool. The swimming pool and paddling pool aren’t very large, but it’s more than enough for a few hours of fun for the kids. Near reception, a large playground is set up, near the kids club that provides daily activities like crafts, dancing and games. But if you’re not travelling with kids, you won’t be bored. Make your reservations for an hour the steam room or book yourself in for a massage.

In the morning you can buy fresh rolls at the bakery and get some supplies at the small supermarket, though I rather used the large supermarket a few minutes away in Hollum as the park’s mini-market had limited supplies. The restaurant and snack bar were both excellent though. We also enjoyed sitting outside near the playground with ice cream while our little one enjoyed himself. But the best part of Holiday park Boomhiemke is its proximity to nature and the beach. When we made our reservations we also booked a couple of electric bikes with a child seat, and that turned out to be the perfect way to discover the island. We also used our bikes to get some take out from the excellent restaurants in Hollum.

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Top things to do near Holiday park Boomhiemke

The Dunes of Ameland

Ameland, The Netherlands | Top things to do on Ameland, The Netherlands: Het Oerd | Your Dutch Guide

Holiday park Boomhiemke is set pretty much inside the dunes of Ameland and from the park it’s the best thing to take your bike and discover the beautiful natural park and dune landscapes. If you’re more into walking, you’ll also find some pretty spectacular walks to take.

Ameland lighthouse

Top things to see on Ameland, The Netherlands | The lighthouse of Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

Since the lighthouse overlooks Holiday park Boomhiemke (I’d like to think it was watching over us) you might as well go and visit it, as it’s only a stone’s throw away from your cottage. The lighthouse is 55 meters high and if you ascend the 236 steps you’ll be treated to a beautiful view over the Waddenzee.

Seal safari

Seal safari, Ameland | Things to do on Ameland: see seals | Your Dutch Guide

The Wadden Sea UNESCO listed for a reason. The ecosystem is frail, though unique in the world. And just like on Texel, you will be able to spot seals sunning themselves on sandbanks during low tide. Join a seal safari to see a lot of seals near Ameland. The captain will tell you all about the Wadden Sea and the different seals that live there.

How to get to Ameland?

  • You will need to get to Holwerd to catch the ferry to Ameland. It’s easiest to get there by car. If you aren’t driving, consider renting a car.
  • If you decide to travel to Ameland by public transport, you’ll have to take the train to Leeuwarden first. Bus no.66 will take you to Holwerd. Use this website to plan your trip.
  • You better book your ferry tickets way (!) in advance (I found this out the hard way…). The ferries aren’t so bog and only run a few times a day. Especially when taking your car to the island, you’ll need to book your ferry crossing in time.

Holiday park Boomhiemke, Ameland
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Roompot Boomhiemke, Ameland | Your Dutch Guide

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