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Beach houses in The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide

The best beach houses in The Netherlands

Imagine spending a wonderful day at the beach. And not having to leave. Watch the sunset whilst sipping a cool drink. Fall asleep listening to the sound of the rolling waves. And as soon as you wake up, simply…

7 fun beaches in The Netherlands, beaches Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide
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7 fun beaches in The Netherlands

How we love it at the Dutch seaside The Netherlands not a summer destination? Think again! It can be so much fun to visit The Netherlands in summer. When the sun’s out there is just so much to see…

The best Dutch city beaches: Pllek in Amsterdam. Photo by Joy Tengker | Your Dutch Guide

The best Dutch city beaches

Dutch summer in the city means finding places to cool down, have a drink and maybe even a swim. Because there is no way that you want to cram yourself in a train or car to the seaside, as…

Summer festivals The Netherlands. De Parade, Utrecht (photo by Joep van Aert) | Your Dutch Guide

5 summer festivals not to miss in The Netherlands

Summer is here! Since my husband and I don’t have to take our summer vacation during school holidays, we are free to enjoy summer in The Netherlands. And that means: endless cycling trips, discovering new villages, city hotspots and…