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  • Street art in Utrecht, The Netherlands | Your Dutch Guide
    Art Culture

    Caravaggio inspired street art in Utrecht

    Maybe you’re not that interested in street art. Maybe you are more into classic art, by old masters. Like Rembrandt, Vermeer or Caravaggio? Well, in that case I’d really like to…

  • Discover Uutrecht by foot, bike and boat (photo by Ruben Drenth) | Your Dutch Guide

    Discover Utrecht by foot, bike and boat

    I can’t tell you how much it has made my heart jump with joy that I’ve been hearing more and more foreign languages in Utrecht, especially on weekends and school holidays.…

  • The best Dutch city beaches: Pllek in Amsterdam. Photo by Joy Tengker | Your Dutch Guide

    The best Dutch city beaches

    Dutch summer in the city means finding places to cool down, have a drink and maybe even a swim. Because there is no way that you want to cram yourself in…

  • Walking near Utrecht: Beerschoten estate, Panbos trail | Your Dutch Guide

    Beerschoten estate: sand dunes and forest

    Just a stone’s throw away from Utrecht: the Beerschoten estate. A small nature reserve that’s just perfect for a walk on a quiet afternoon. Ancient groups of trees host squirrels, martens…