13 top things to do in The Netherlands in spring

Spring in The Netherlands"top things to do in The Netherlands in spring | Your Dutch Guide

Spring in The Netherlands is probably the best time to visit. The days are getting longer, the sun comes out and the flowers are in full bloom. If you’d like to see the flower fields, visit some amazing cities or enjoy the most beautiful landschapes, spring in The Netherlands won’t dissapoint you. Check all the top things to do in The Netherlands in spring.

Spring in The Netherlands: plan your trip

Spring in The Netherlands: top things to do in The Netherlands in Spring | Your Dutch Guide

Spring in The Netherlands: things to keep in mind

  • In springtime a lot of Dutch people have time off around the Easter weekend, around King’s Day (April 27th) and the first week of May. Most Dutch people spend this time in The Netherlands. So make sure you book your accommodation in time.
  • The Dutch celebrate Easter in two days: Easter on Sunday and the following Monday is a bank holiday. On Easter Sunday most shops and venues are closed. On Monday shops remain closed, although supermarkets and attractions are open.
  • King’s Day is celebrated April 27th and is a public holiday. Most things will be closed, but since everyone is celebrating, especially cities and public transport can be exremely busy.

Spring in The Netherlands: 13x things to do

Keukenhof gardens

Spring in The Netherlands, Keukenhof gardens | Your Dutch Guide

Spring in The Netherlands, Keukenhof gardens | Your Dutch Guide

Spring in The Netherlands, Keukenhof gardens | Your Dutch Guide

From the end of March until the end of April Keukenhof gardens is the top thing to visit in The Netherlands in Spring. Keukenhof gardens is the largest flower garden in the world. At the end of March you’ll see loads of stunning crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths and from mid April the tulips will start showing. In Keukenhof garden the flowers are all arranged in the most beautiful displays and you’re allowed to wander around freely and take loads of photos. If you’re staying in Amsterdam a ticket including transport is highly advisable. Book online as soon as you can, as tickets are likely to sell out.

See the tulip fields

Tulip fields The Netherlands, top things to do in The Netherlands in spring | Your Dutch Guide

Tulip fields The Netherlands, top things to do in The Netherlands in spring | Your Dutch Guide

Tulip fields The Netherlands, top things to do in The Netherlands in spring | Your Dutch Guide

Depending on the temperatures in winter tulips will start blooming from mid April until the first week of May (give or take a week) and the tulip fields are a sight to behold. Fields and fields of stunningly coloured tulips. It’s simply amazing. Most tourist will go to the fields near Amsterdam to see the tulip fields, but there are so many places in The Netherlands where you can see tulip fields (and it won’t be so crowded). Read my article Tulips fields Netherlands: 10 things you want to know about all you need to know about see tulip fields in The Netherlands.

Flower fields Bicycle Tour

Tulip fields The Netherlands, bike tour | Your Dutch Guide

One of the most amazing things to do in spring in The Netherlands is to join a bike tour through the tulip fields. I mean: bikes, tulips, windmills. It really doesn’t get a lot more Dutch than this. In Lisse, where Keukenhof gardens and most of the famous tulip fields are situated, you can join a Keuken hof bike tour. From Amsterdam I recommend the Keukenhof half day bike tour. Though if you prefer something more remote and less touristy I think the Alkmaar bike tour is really lovely: not too far from Amsterdam (and easy to reach by train) yet not too crowdy.

Enjoy Amsterdam

Spring in The Netherlands, Amsterdam in spring | Your Dutch Guide

Amsterdam in spring, guided bike tour Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

One of the top things to do in The Netherlands in spring is, of course, to visit Amsterdam. Even if you don’t plan on anything specific to do it’s great to just wander the canals, and taking in the blossoming trees and the people coming out to enjoy the sun. Having said that I think taking a canal cruise in  Amsterdam is lovely to do in spring, as well as joining a guided bike tour along all the cities highlights. Top attractions in Amsterdam are of course Rijksmuseum and the wonderful Van Gogh Museum. Though my current favourites in Amsterdam are a visit to Fabrique des Lumières and STRAAT Museum Amsterdam to see the best street art.

Take a day trip to beautiful Zaanse schans

The Netherlands in spring, visit to Zaanse Schans

Zaanse schans is one of the top things to do in The Netherlands in general and a visit is really worth it in spring. Just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam a dozen of beautiful historical windmills await to hshow what life was like in Holland in the 17th and 18th century. You can visit some of the working windmills, a Dutch cheese farm and take a boot tour to see the stunning landscape from the water. All these things are included in the Zaanse Schans Card. From Amsterdam it takes 18 minutes to get to Zaandijk Zaanse Schans station and from there it’s a 10-minute walk to Zaanse Schans and the windmills. If you’d like to see more typical historical Dutch villages in one day, a day trip to Zaanse Schans, Volendam en Marken is recommeded. Read all my advice on visiting Zaanse schans.

See the windmills of Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

And while we’re on the subject of windmills, spring in The Netherlands may just be the perfect time to visit the UNESCO listed site of Kinderdijk. 19 beautiful historical windmill are perched along the water and were once upon a time built there to prevent the land from flooding. These windmills are a symbol of the Dutch managing water. The easiest way to get to Kinderdijk is by car. But you can also catch a train to either Rotterdam or Dordrecht and catch a bus from there. Read more about visiting Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.

Visit an amusement park

Efteling, The Netherlands

Efteling, The Netherlands

Personally, I think spring in The Netherlands is the perfect time to visit one of the many theme parks in The Netherlands. The weather won’t be too warm, so it’s easier to enjoy all the rides and stroll around. The most famous (and best) theme park in The Netherlands (by far!) is Efteling. Famous fairytales will come to life, forbidden castles and kingdomes can be discovered and there are dozens really great roller coaster rides for the real adrealine junkies. The park is beautifully landscaped and between visiting all the attractions it is a very nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee and to relax. Other amusement parks in The Netherlands are Duinrell, Walibi Holland and Avonturenpark Hellendoorn.

Discover De Hoge Veluwe national park & Kroller Muller Museum

De Hoge Veluwe national park

De Hoge Veluwe national park

Veluwe has the most beautiful natural reserve in The Netherlands and is wonderful to visit in spring, when natures wakes up from its well-deserved hybernation. Heart of Veluwe is De Hoge Veluwe National Park, the largest national park in The Netherlands with numerous hiking paths and cycling routes along marshes, through forrests and heather fields and over sand dunes. An interesting visit in the national park is one of Holland’s best museums Kröller-Müller Museum which houses the largest private Van Gogh collection in the world and has a stunning sculpture garden.

Take a ferry to Texel island

Texel, Wadden islands

The Wadden Islands are among the most beautiful sights in the Netherlands. The five Dutch islands are surrounded by the Wadden Sea and the whole area is of a unique natural imporance. The flora and fauna to be seen there is simply stunning. The five island all have their own style and atmosphere. Texel is the largest of the Wadden Islands and is easiest to reach, from Amsterdam. Either drive to the ferry port or catch a train to Den Helder boarding the ferry as a foot passanger. Texel welcomes you with beautiful beaches, amazing natural reserves and stunning villages. If you wat to stay on Texel I highly recommend Landal Sluftervallei, Kustpark Texel or Beach Park Texel. Read all about Texel, The Netherlands.

Enjoy the beach

Spring in The Netherlands, visit the beach in The Netherlands

Although you probably don’t have The Netherlands down as a great beach destination, the Netherlands does have really beautiful beaches. In the spring it is probably still too cold to swim, but on a nice day it is really nice to take a long walk on the beach and have a drink at one of the nice beach bars. My favorite beaches can be found in Zandvoort, Scheveningen (near The Hague) and in Zeeland. Read about the most beautiful beaches in The Netherlands and the loveliest beach houses in The Netherlands.

Visit Delft & walk in the footstepts of Vermeer

Spring in The Netherlands, visit Delft

I always recommend visiting more cities in The Netherlands than just Amsterdam. There are just so many amazing places to see. If you’d like to see a special city in The Netherlands, visit Delft for a day. Delft is where woldfamous 17th-century painter Johannes Vermeer lived and worked all his life. And visit Delft will definitely feel like walking in his footsteps a little. The quiant canals, market square and stunning city hall and Nieuwe Kerk are worth seeing. Don’t forget to visit the Delft Vermeer Centrum and the Royal Delft Experience. Read about all the top things to do in Delft.

Marvel at modern architecture in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, The Netherlands (photo: Iris van den Broek)

Depot Boijmans van Beuining, photo Iris van den Broek

Rotterdam is known as the most groundbreaking city in the Netherlands. And this is absolutely true. The city was completely reduced to ashes during the Second World War. But made a solid comeback. Lovers of modern architecture can indulge themselves in Rotterdam. It starts at the city’s new central station. And of course you can’t miss the special yellow cube houses and the new market hall. Take a look at all the top things to do in Rotterdam.

Meet Miffy & Rietveld in Utrecht

Utrecht, Dom Tower

Utrecht is seen as the cozy, cozy and above all not so busy alternative to Amsterdam. And as a proud resident of Utrecht, I can only confirm this. Utrecht has very nice canals, windmills on the edge of the old center, the beautiful Dom tower and very good museums. Utrecht is the city where you get to know Rietveld in his famous Rietveld Schröderhuis, but especially with one of the most famous rabbits in the world: Miffy.

The Netherlands in Spring
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The Netherlands in Spring, top things to do in The Netherlands in spring | Your Dutch Guide

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