The ultimate craft beer guide to Utrecht

Utrecht: craft beer guide

Can you believe that in the last 2 years 3 craft breweries have opened their doors within a 10-minute bike ride from where I live? Even though small, independent breweries have been popping up all over The Netherlands in the last few years, it sure feels like it’s very condensed where I live. So I thought, I’d give you a guide to where to find and drink craft beer in Utrecht.

5x craft breweries in Utrecht

Utrecht: craft beer guide. De Leckere | Your Dutch Guide

Utrecht: craft beer guide. Brouwerij Oproer | Your Dutch Guide

Utrecht: craft beer guide. Brouwerij Oproer | Your Dutch Guide

Utrecht: craft beer guide. Brouwerij Van de Streek | Your Dutch Guide

Utrecht: craft beer guide. De Kromme Haring | Your Dutch Guide

  • De Leckere
    Next to city brewery Oudaen, De Leckere was probably the first one that could call itself a craft brewery, although it’s definitely not a small brewery anymore. They brew 100% organic beers which they name after famous Utrecht landmarks, like Springhaver for their spring bock beer and Wittevrouwen for their white beer. De Leckere will soon be opening a brewpub in De Werkspoorkathedraal, an old train workshop.
  • Maximus
    Located in Leidsche Rijn, the Maximus brewery is maybe a little out of your way, but it’s definitely worth the detour. I’ve been a fan of their Dutch pale ale Pandora for years, and I also like their High hops and Brutus. When you visit the brewpub there are always limited editions listed.
  • Oproer
    When these guys opened their brewery in my hood, I could only think ‘yeah, and my neighborhood is now finished!’. At Oproer they don’t follow international trends, but basically, brew whatever they feel like brewing. This results in there always being something new and exciting on tap. You can also order some nice (vegan!) food in the pub and they often host fun parties (roller disco anyone?!)
  • Van de Streek
    Another brewery close to home. The Van de Streek brothers brewed from home then rented space in bigger breweries before recently opening their own brewery in Utrecht Overvecht. Here they brew their famous Hop Art and price winning BlackBock. They don’t have a brewpub just yet, but you can sample Van de Streek beers in many Utrecht cafés.
  • De Kromme Haring
    If you’re visiting Utrecht, it’s a good idea to visit Vechtclub XL. This venue, a little outside the city centre, is a breeding ground for creative entrepreneurs. You’ll find some delightful independent shops and designers, restaurant De Klub and Brewery De Kromme Haring. The latter is a collaboration between local Gijs and US born Stephen. They have named all their beers after fish or seafood (I like, I like) and the brewpub is a great place to be on a Friday or Saturday night.

3 best beer cafés in Utrecht

  • De drie dorstige herten
    This café (translates to ‘The three thirsty deer’) is a true hidden gem and feels more like a living room than a pub, and you can order every craft beer from Utrecht, and lots and lots of other small Dutch breweries.
  • Familie van Rijk
    Confession: Familie van Rijk is actually a delicatessen. But in the back of the store, you’ll be drawn to 3-meter bier (three meters of beer), selling over 60 beers from independent Dutch breweries. And there is a pretty interesting international selection, too.
  • Beers & Barrels
    Beers & Barrels actually has two branches in Utrecht and the beer and cider menu is mighty impressive. You can sample local beers, Dutch beers, and foreign beers. So, a jolly night is probably guaranteed.

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    Utrecht would be my husband’s kind of town. He loves beer! I am not a beer drinker, but I’m sure I would enjoy visiting the city too.

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    July 16, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    BOOKMARKED! I’m a craft beer lover and this guide is perfect as I love Utrecht, but I usually just go to Cafe Belgie when I’m there. I can’t wait to try more of these beers.

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    A beer guide, thanks, this is helpful if I ever make it back to the Netherlands.

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