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Top things to do in Zandvoort, The Netherlands

Zandvoort, The Netherlands | Top things to do in Amsterdam beach | Your Dutch Guide

Zandvoort is one of the most popular beach destinations in The Netherlands. And Zandvoort is your top choice when you’d like to visit the beach from Amsterdam. A direct train takes you directly to the beach and you’ll have your feet in the sand within 30 minutes. But besides the seaside and its many fun and hip beach clubs, there is a lot more to see and do in Zandvoort. So, why not decide on a weekend getaway?

How to get to Zandvoort

Zandvoort is the only beach that you can reach from Amsterdam by local transport. It’s no wonder this Dutch beach resort has been baptised ‘Amsterdam Beach’ by a lot of foreign visitors. If you’d like to visit Amsterdam Beach from Amsterdam, simply hop on a train at Amsterdam central station to Zandvoort aan Zee. You can buy a ticket at the machine at the station, or you can use your OV Chip Card.

Where to stay in Zandvoort

Center Parcs Zandvoort

Center Parcs Zandvoort | Center Parcs Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

Center Parcs Zandvoort | Center Parcs Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

Center Parcs Zandvoort | Center Parcs Amsterdam | Your Dutch Guide

Center Parcs Zandvoort is the closest holiday parc to Amsterdam and it’s just a few minute’s walk to the beach. The cottages are completely renewed the last few years and they’re just absolutely lovely. Fresh colours, nice furniture with a lovely beach look and nice kitchens and bedrooms. The holiday park is set between the dunes, for that ultimate holiday feeling. The beach is only a few minutes away, as well as the town centre with all its restaurants, shops and bars.

The holiday park has several restaurants, a large indoor tropical swimming pool and lots of entertainment for kids. If you just want to stay for a night or maybe two, Center Parcs Zandvoort has a really good alternative option for you: Beach Hotel Zandvoort. A hotel, right at the beach, run by Center Parcs. So, you’ll have all the comfort of Center Parcs, with additional hotel service. It’s one of the best hotel options in Zandvoort as well.

Follow the Sun Zandvoort

Follow the sun appartement Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Follow the sun appartement Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

I absolutely loved staying at Follow the Sun in Zandvoort. This apartment is situated on the edge of the town centre and just a two-minute walk to the promenade and beach. The apartment is perfect if you’re looking for a self-catering place for your stay in Zandvoort. The apartment is spacious, is decorated in a laid-back beach style. You’ll find everything you need in the apartment: a fully equipped kitchen, comfy beds, a very luxurious bathroom and a little patio that is perfect for outdoor breakfasts and late-night summer drinks.

Strand 21 hotel chalets

Zandvoort Strand 21 hotel chalets | Your Dutch Guide

Falling asleep and waking up with the sound of the rolling waves? Staying at a beach house is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? And Zandvoort has some fun options, right on the beach. Strand 21 hotel chalets being one of them. Just a dozen of chalets right on the beach. Cleverly decorated and very, very comfortable. The chalets sleep 4, are equipped with a nice bathroom and kitchenette and even a little workspace.

Buddha Beach Bungalows

Buddha Beach Bungalows Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Buddha Beach Bungalows Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Small scale beach living and loving? Try getting hold of a Buddha Beach Bungalow, right on the beach, close to the Zandvoort promenade. The beach bungalows are brand new and completely luxurious (hello air-conditioning!). With a spacious living room and terrace overlooking the sea, a small but well-equipped kitchen and a very comfy bed. The bungalows are a stone’s throw away from some really cool beach clubs, like Thalassa.

Zandvoort hotels

Beach house hotel

Beach house hotel Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Beach house hotel Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

There seriously is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of the crashing waves. Lucky for us, there are loads of seaside hotels in Zandvoort. Beach house hotel is one of them. With lovely rooms overlooking the sea and your own outdoor terrace. The rooms are very tastefully decorated and in the morning you’ll be able to have breakfast overlooking the sea.

Hotel Paradis

Hotel Paradis Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

Hotel Paradis is truly a little corner of Paradise in Zandvoort. The boutique hotel offers double rooms, as well as family rooms, suites and studios, some with their own outdoor space. The interior design has that beach feel, very fresh and relaxed. There’s a very pretty communal garden. You’ll feel completely relaxed and revived after staying at this hotel.

Boulevard 5

Boulevard 5 Zandvoort | Your Dutch Guide

As the name suggests Boulevard 5 is located right along the promenade and it’s simply a stunning place to stay. The lushly decorated rooms all overlook the sea and have their own outdoor space. Besides doubles, studios and apartments are also available. In the morning, simply step onto your own balcony with a cup of coffee and smell the sea air. You are only two steps away from the sea and the greatest beach club in Zandvoort.

Top things to do in Zandvoort

A day at the beach

A day on Amsterdam Beach | Your Dutch Guide

Okay, this is a bit of an easy one. But spending a day on the beach is an absolute treat when you’re in Zandvoort. Of course, you can spend the day soaking up the sun, swimming and buying an ice cream every so often. But spending your beach day a bit more active is also easy when you’re in Amsterdam Beach. You can take long walks, take surf lessons or rent a surfboard or stand up paddling board, for example at First Wave or Surfana.


Photo by Ubuntu | Your Dutch Guide

It’s easy enough to recognise Ubuntu beach club by their retro red-orange umbrellas. It’s one of the loveliest beach clubs in Zandvoort, which is open year round. There are loads of outdoor seats, though you’ll be surprised how easily these fill up on a sunny day. But don’t worry, there is also plenty of space inside if the weather turns. Sit down for some lunch or a cocktail.

Hippie fish

Photo by Hippie Fish | Your Dutch Guide

Hippie fish is a relatively new beach club in Zandvoort and is also open year-round. No matter when you will walk up to this beach club, there will always be something on the menu to your liking. Lunch is already served from 11 am on and snacks and bites are available all day. It’s possible to book a table and since this is such a popular place, you may have to. Though if you’re just into spending a day on the beach, rental beach beds are also available here.

Tijn Akersloot

Photo by Tijn Akersloot | Your Dutch Guide

Photo by Tijn Akersloot | Your Dutch Guide

Tijn Akersloot is a Zandvoort institute and has been around since 1965. It’s a great place to sit outside in the sun and order a pizza. In summer, the chef puts on the BBQ and guests can order whatever he comes up with. Don’t forget to walk inside, so you can spot the very Instagrammable pastel coloured Fiat 500.

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen | Your Dutch Guide

One of the best things about Zandvoort is that nature is literally at the town’s doorstep. Fro the beach it’s just a couple of minute’s walk to one of the entrances to Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, a nature reserve that helps supply drinking water for Amsterdam as the dunes filter the rainwater, which is the first step of creating drinking water. It’s a wonderful place to go hiking and spot fallow deers, foxes and rabbits. Don’t forget to buy an entrance ticket on the website.

Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland

Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland | Your Dutch Guide

Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland | Your Dutch Guide

Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland | Your Dutch Guide

On the northside of Zandvoort National Park Zuid-Kennemerland stretches all the way up to IJmuiden. It’s one of the loveliest national parks in The Netherlands. Take a bike tour or a walk along one of the dozens of tracks and discover some of the 100 different species of bird, red deer, rabbits and roe deer that can be found there. Extra special: highlanders and a small number of wisent can also be spotted in NP Zuid-Kennemerland.

Buitenplaats Plantage

Foto door Buitenplaats Plantage | Your Dutch Guide

Not too far outside of Zandvoort is Buitenplaats Plantage, in Vogelzang. You can simply drive there, cycle there or catch a bus. It’s a wonderful and hip place, though time is also standing still as slow food is at the core of this enterprise. Menus are completely compiled from local produce. Inside there’s a bit of a glamping vibe, while outdoors has a bit of a retro festival style going on. Extra bonus, during tulip season Buitenplaats Plantage faces the tulip fields, which is then of course the perfect spot for a drink or some lunch.

Zandvoort, The Netherlands
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Zandvoort, The Netherlands | Top things to do in Amsterdam beach | Your Dutch Guide

Zandvoort, The Netherlands | Top things to do in Amsterdam beach | Your Dutch Guide

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