Zeeland, The Netherlands | Top things to do in Zeeland, Holland

Top things to do in Zeeland, The Netherlands

The province of Zeeland offers travellers the mostbeautiful beaches in The Netherlands, as wel as amazing gastronomy, dreamy villages and vibrant cities. The rich nature and interesting history of Zeeland are absolutely well-worth discovering as are the many lovely places to stay in this ultimate holiday province. 

Plan your holiday in Zeeland

  • Zeeland is the most south-western province in The Netherlands and consists of seven islands (Sint Philipsland, Zuid-Beveland, Tholen, Schouwen-Duiveland, Noord-Beveland, Walcheren en Zeeuws- Vlaanderen), all connected by bridges. 
  • The easiest way to reach Zeeland is by car.
  • If you don’t have a car at your disposal, the larger cities (Middelburg, Goes and Vlissingen) are well-connected by train. Plan your train journey on the NS website. 
  • Zeeland is a popular holidat destinations, both for Dutch as foreign visitors. Book your stay well in advance for the best options. 

Top places to stay in Zeeland

Beach Resort Nieuwvliet Bad

Beach Resort Nieuwvliet Bad is my favourite place to stay in Zeeland, without a doubt. The rather new holiday park offers lovely accommodation. From beach lodges scattered amongst the dunes to holiday cottages with thatched roofs, whcih sleeps four upto twelve people. There is a lovely restaurant, a cool indoor pool and various indoor and outdoor playgrounds. And the best part: the beach is just a five minute stroll away. Thank to the proximity of Beach Resort Nieuwvliet Bad to Belgium, a day trip to Ghent or Bruges is a definite possibility. 

Center Parcs Port Zélande

Fans of water sports will relish staying at Center Parcs Port Zélande with both Grevelingen and the North Sea Beaches a few minutes walk away from this holiday park. Grab your towel for a day of fun and sun at the beach or rent a boat, go wind surfing or sand up paddling. Kids will also adore the infoor pool with slides, water spray park and both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Center Parcs Port Zélande is centrally located in Zeeland all all islands of the province are easiliy reached from this Holiday park. Must-see: the small city of Zierikzee en village of Veere. 

Boutique Hotel The Roosevelt

It’s a majestic welcome indeed at Boutique Hotel The Roosevelt in the beautiful city of Middelburg. Not only is the hotel named after the American president Roosevelt, who was born in Middelburg, but the royal Dutch familiy also loves staying in this hotel. All rooms are individually decorated and the restaurant of the hotel is absolutely superb.

Hof Domburg

Domburg is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Zeeland with beautiful light that has been attracting artists for centuries. Just behind the dunes holiday park Hof Domburg is nestled, offering cottages or bungalows or a space for your own tent, campervan or caravan.  Kids will absolutely enjoy the indoor pool, but exploring the Dutch coast by (rental) bike is also an abolute treat. 

Noordzee Resort Vlissingen

Have you ever dreamed about falling asleep whilst listening to the rolling of the waves and waking up being able to simply run into the sea to wake you up? Noordzee Resort Vlissingen offers amazing beach lodges and beach villas, right on the beach. You can enjoy the sun and listen to the sound of the waves all day long. But a short walk along the promenade takes you to the bustling heart of Vlissingen.

Hotel Katoen

Hotel Katoen in Goes is one of the loveliest hotels in Zeelandoffering both hotel rooms and city lofts whoch sleep up to four people. The hotels rooms are very comfortable and the lofts are perfect for a family or simply when you’d like a little more space. After a day of exploring the top things to do in Zeeland it’s great to book a spa treatment or to make a reservation in the restaurant (one of the nicest places fr dinner in Goes).

Waterrijk Oesterdam

Waterrijk Oesterdam is a boutique hotel, beach resort with beach villas, spa centre and beach club all rolled into one. A stay at Waterrijk Oesterdam is the perfect treat during a holiday in Zeeland. Enjoy the lush hotel rooms, hop on an e-chopper to explore the beautiful surroundings or simply find a lounger to enjoy the sun, the breeze and a cocktail. 

Roompot Beach Resort

The beach is right at your doorstep at Roompot Beach Resort, with beach houses on the beach or detached cottages and villas just behind the dunes. Roompot Beach Resort is perfect for kids who will enjoy the indoor pool, various play grounds and the kids club. The blue flag Banjaardstrand (which is also the cleanest beach in Europe) is just down the road.

Top things to do in Zeeland


Zeeland, The Netherlands: Middelburg | Your Dutch Guide

Middelburg is one of the most stunning historical cities in The Netherlands and is a must-see when you’re in Zeeland. Wander the medieval cobbled streets, see the rich canalside houses of the Dutch golden age and enjoy the market square along which the imposing town hall stands. This town hall has been voted the most beautiful town hall in The Netherlands more than once and one glance upon the building will assure you why. Don’t forget to climb the ‘Lange Jan’ church tower and visit the excellent Zeeuws Museum. Read more about Middelburg.


Zeeland, The Netherlands: Goes, The Netherlands

Street art Goes, The Netherlands

Goes is branded ‘the shopping capital’ or ‘the catwalk’ of Zeeland as many famous international brands have large shops within the hsitorical city centre of the city. However, I think Goes is a pleasure to discover as there are so many lovely historical streets. I especially love the old city harbour with its lovely listed houses. But I think Goes is most famous for its street art as over a dozen murals were created during festival Mural Goes a couple of years ago. 


Top things to do in Zeeland, The Netherlands: historic oyster pits in Yerseke (oyster capital of The Netherlands)

The village of Yerseke is the oyster capital of The Netherlands and a must-visit if you’re into fresh seafood. If you’d like to know more about oyster farming or mussel catching and processing a visit to De Oesterij is in order. Here you can take a guided tour of the historic oyster pits, visit the museum about oysters and of course pull up a seat and order different oysters or other amazing seafood.


Photo by De Botanist aan Zee

Escape to the pristine shores of Dishoek, a picturesque coastal village renowned for its sandy beaches and azure waters. Dishoek has to be my favourite beach in The Netherlands. It’s the perfect place to spend a day basking in the sun, building sandcastles, or exploring the rugged dunes that fringe the coastline. The adventurous at heart can embark on a thrilling kite-surfing adventure or rent a bicycle to explore the scenic coastal trails that wind their way through the dunes. Or if you’d like to take things slow, I recommend a long lunch or cocktails at beach club De Botanist aan Zee.


Zeeland, The Netherlands. The village of Veere, The Netherlands

Veere has to be one of the most beautiful villages in The Netherlands and is an absolute must-visit when you’re in Zeeland. A visit there is like a step back in time. Marvel at the quiet cobbled street, lined with both stunning and cute 16th-century houses. Don’t forget to go for a walk through the old fortress and gawp at the yachts in the small harbour. There is even a very beautiful windmill to admire. 


Zeeland, The Netherlands. Top things to do in Zeeland: Zierikzee | Your Dutch Guide

Zierikzee may be a small town, yet it is great in history. The city blossomed in the middle ages and a large part of the city centre still consists of over 500 (!) historical monuments, like pretty old houses and De Dikke Toren – the tower of the former Sint Lievensmonstertoren church. The pretty 16th-centrury town hall is now a fine museum. Wander to the little harbour and find a seat at one of the outdoor cafés lining the quayside.

Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre

Zeeland, The Netherlands: winery Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre | Your Dutch Guide

Visit Wijnhoeve De Kleine Schorre: a premier winery nestled amidst the scenic countryside of Zeeland. Embark on a guided tour of the vineyards, where you’ll learn about the winemaking process and sample an exquisite selection of locally-produced wines. From crisp whites to robust reds, each sip tells a story of Zeeland’s unique terroir and rich cultural heritage.

Seal safari

Top things to do in Zeeland, The Netherlands: Seal safari | Your Dutch Guide

During your walks along one of Zeeland’s many beaches chances are that you’ll spot a seal every now and then (if you do, please don’t approach them). But  a sure bet on seeing seals is embarking on a seal safari to not only spot seals, but also see many bird species and discover the abundant marine life along Zeeland’s rugged coastline. 

Delta Works

Zeeland, The Netherlands: Delta Works (Oosterscheldekering) | Your Dutch Guide

Delve into the fascinating world of the impressive Delta Works, a marvel of modern engineering designed to protect The Netherlands from the forces of the sea. Discover the intricate network of dams, sluices, and storm surge barriers that safeguard the low-lying land from flooding. Visit the interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that showcase the ingenuity and innovation behind these awe-inspiring structures.


Zeeland, The Netherlands: Sluis | Your Dutch Guide

Dutch hospitality meets Belgian charm in Sluis, a cosy border town in the most south western tip of The Netherlands. The quaint streets are lined with pretty landmarks, cafes and boutique shops. A combination of Dutch cheese tasting and Belgian chocolate shopping is a definite possibility in Sluis. 


Photo: courtesy of Watersnoodmuseum | Your Dutch Guide

The Watersnoodmuseum pays homage to the resilience of the Dutch people during the devistating floods Zeeland suffered in 1953. The extensive exhibits and personal accounts that recount the events of the floods will give you goose bumps. In Watersnoodmuseum you will gain a deep understanding in the spirit of the people of Zeeland and the Dutch pride of rebuilding, reclaiming land and ‘taming the waters’. 

Zeeland, The Netherlands: top things to do
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Zeeland, The Netherlands. Spend a holiday exploring the beaches of The Netherlands as well as pretty towns and villages. Discover all the top things to do in Zeeland, The Netherlands.
Zeeland, The Netherlands. Spend a holiday exploring the beaches of The Netherlands as well as pretty towns and villages. Discover all the top things to do in Zeeland, The Netherlands.